Capital and Exits for Tech Companies

Fundraising and Exit support for SaaS, FinTech and high-growth Tech companies

We help you get the Best Terms by running a Competitive Process

Over 1,500 active technology investors are competing for deals. We help you run a competitive process, so you get the best terms and highest valuation

Data Driven Investor Lead Generation

We use AI and our proprietary investor database  to identify and reach out to a large set of potential investors.

We set up calls with prospective investors, qualify leads, and answer initial questions on your behalf.

You are always in full control and we provide complete process transparency.

Process Management

We help you run a professional auction-style fundraising or sales process.

We support your negotiations with insights and help you through the legal and closing process.

All services are provided by experienced M&A professionals.

Attractive Pricing

Our pricing model eliminates excessive broker fees, so you can keep more of your proceeds. See details on our Pricing Page.

The capital market for  tech companies is extremely competitive. We believe there is no need to pay excessive broker fees in a seller's market. Our large investor network and auction process ensures you get the best terms.

How it Works

Our process helps you get the best terms by identifying a larger number of investors and running a competitive process

Kick-Off Engagment

We meet with your team, understand your goals, and review your financials. Based on this information, we help you develop a fundraising strategy for your specific situation.

Investor Lead Generation

We use AI and matching algorithms to identify the most likely financial and strategic investors for your company. We then help you reach out to potential investors.

We answer initial investors questions and introduce investors to you. You are always in full control and can accept or reject meeting requests from potential investors.

Process Management

We help you set up a competitive investor process to ensure you get the best terms.

Post LOI, we help you through the diligence process, track open items and support you through closing.

Investor Lead Generation
We source investor leads for your company.
Process Management
We help you set up a competitive dynamic that ensures you get the best terms
Diligence and Closing Support
Our experienced M&A professionals help you with the diligence and closing process after you accept an LOI

"We got a great Offer"
Sung Cho, Funder & CEO Chartmetric

Brightvision helped me run a professional outreach process and connected me with investors that I had never heard of.  We ended up getting an offer that exceeded my expectations.

Chartmetric received several Terms Sheets

Chartmetric wanted to test the fundraising market and used Brightvision Capital to run a professional investor outreach process resulting in several offers.